Senior Entertainment in Florida

What's more fun than a bunch of seniors in the same room having fun? A SENIOR PARTY! If looking for senior entertainment in florida, then the Dance Dome is the place to be. Seniors know how to live it up and the Dance Dome is the place for seniors to have a blast! We have everything you'll need for your next senior party event.

The place to let it "All Hang Out!"

Hey seniors, if I told you that the Dance Dome is the place to let it all hang out, would you believe me? Well, you can! We will help you to set up the ultimate seniors party that includes food, party punch, appetizers, games for seniors and other party ideas for senior citizens. We'll make sure that your senior party will be great fun, and an entertaining event that will involve conversation, laughter, friendships, photos and memories.

Hey Seniors!.. Get Ready For A Party!

We'll make everything available to your senior guests and put everything within their reach so that they'll feel like they're at the party of their lives! We'll have your guests thinking they're on a party bus headed for the ultimate seniors party!

Have Your Next Senior Party Bash at the Dance Dome!

Seniors are some of the most imaginative people around. And when you get a bunch of them in the same room together, LOOK OUT!.. anything can happen! You're only limited by your imaginaton, and the boundries of your imagination are limitless. So have your next Senior Party Bash at the Dance Dome!

Some Ideas...

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