Pilates involves methods of controlled movements which are designed to make you feel like you are doing a combination of workouts for the mind and the body. With a commitment to consistency, Pilates promises to improve strength, flexibility, strength, control and endurance.

Experience better health with Pilates..

The instructors at the Dance Dome will teach you proper Pilates techniques by placing emphasis on aligning your physical body with your thoughts, breathing and intention. You will soon begin to develop better coordination and balance, along with better health for mind and body. We will help you to develop a strong inner core, which is the part of the human body between the ribs and hips, and around to the lower-back and buttocks. This region of the human body is sometimes called the "powerhouse" and is thought to be the key to a person's well-being.

We will help you to set specific goals..

Our Pilates program is suited for beginner to advanced, and others in the middle. Regardless of your skill-level, we accommodate for different levels of difficulty in order to suit your present ablilty. We will help you to set specific goals and guide you along the way to acheive them.

Come join us and improve your health and outlook on life. It's never too late to start Pilates, so call us today to discuss a Pilates program that's right for you!

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