Ballroom Dance Lessons

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dance covers casual, competitve and exhibition dances. These center on the Ballroom Dance Lessons in Florida social aspect of entertainment, and is intended to create fun and pleasure for couples who follow prescribed steps. If you're just starting out or an advanced dancer, our experienced instructors are here to help, and it's easier than you think! Come sign-up for ballroom dance lessons at the Dance Dome and get ready to have fun learning to dance with the best dance instructors in Palm City.

Fun & Entertainment For Couples

Many dance forms today have evolved from social dance forms that came from centuries ago. They were described as partnered dances involving social events, and have evolved into styles such as waltz, tango, swing and several others.

Latin Ballroom Dance

Latin Ballroom dance involves so many different personalities and backgrounds, and the people who love latin ballroom dance find it to be enriching and meaningful in their lives. If you want to learn this style of dance, come join us at the Dance Dome. You'll find meaning in someone's arms as you move with rhythm and style across the dance floor.

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