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Ballroom Dance Lessons

Ballroom dance benefits the mind, body and spirit. The types of dance that fall under this term include dance styles that require physical movements and expressions that keep the body moving and the mind energized.

Ballroom Dance Lessons in Florida

The term "Ballroom Dance" lends some to believe that it only involves one or a few formal partner dances. However, it actually includes many types of dances, from the waltz to disco hustle, and many in-between.

Ballroom dance is a general term that refers to traditional partnered dance forms that are done by a couple, often in the embrace of closed dance position ("ballroom dance position"). These can include waltz, swing, tango, salsa and blues.

Ballroom Dance Lessons

Ballroom dance covers casual, competitive and exhibition dances. These center on the social aspect of entertainment, and is intended to create fun and pleasure for couples who follow prescribed steps. If you're a beginner, a ballroom instructor can quickly help you to get started learning the steps, and it's probably easier than you think. Signing up for ballroom dance lessons is also easy, and most dance studios will give your first lesson for free. Once your all signed up, you'll be ready to have fun learning the various styles of ballroom dance.

A Lesson in Social Skills

What better way to brush up on your social skills than to learn ballroom dance. Ballroom teaches you clarity in movement and encourages you to be one with your partner. Ballroom creates an expectation of something new, whether you come with your partner, or a single wanting to meet someone new. The very purpose of the ballroom concept is people coming together to form a common expression, and the discovery of what ballroom has to offer might surprise you. You'll also experience the overall improvement of mind, body and spirit!


Historically, some very early dance forms were documented as styles requiring open-minded couples to come together as partners in a commemorative setting. Today, ballroom styles still reflect those values as they are often portrayed in TV and motion pictures as social dance performances. Modern dance forms have evolved out of social philosophies that came from centuries ago and were described then as partnered dances involving social events. They have grown into styles such as waltz, tango, swing and several others.


Ballroom dancing requires enough space to accommodate several aspects of the ballroom experience. It's performed by partners dancing to the rhythm of a given song, so there must be enough open floor space for partners (or multiple partners), instructor(s), viewers, and some musical equipment. Some styles are performed in a closed position where the man and woman are always in contact throughout dance movements that involve prescribed steps, partner lifts, gestures, turning, and dipping. Dance might also involve streams of movement and pauses, so action refers not only to short walking steps and sequences, but also to pauses and brief moments of stillness. For centuries, the ballroom experience has been used for training, socialization, exercise and competition.

Latin Ballroom Dance

Latin Ballroom dance involves many different personalities and backgrounds, and the people who love latin ballroom dance find it to be enriching and meaningful in their lives. If you want to learn this style of dance, you are encouraged to find a studio in your area and discover the benefits of Ballroom. You'll find meaning in someone's arms as you move with rhythm and style across the dance floor.

Wheelchair Dancing Lessons

Ballroom dancing is a fun activity for everyone, including people with physical limitations. Wheelchair ballroom dance is offered to those who are confined to wheelchairs and want to get out on the dance floor and express themselves. Indeed, ballroom dancing should be accessible to all, including people with learning disabilities and/or physical impairments. Special dance instructors are available to give private wheelchair dance lessons that are customized for each individual depending on their special needs. Dance sessions conform to the requirements of those who need special attention to motivation, flexibility, wheelchair rotation, arm/head movements and more. Generally, wheelchair dance lessons accentuate your personality with a ballroom flair.


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