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Line Dancing

Line dancing is a great way to get everyone out on the dance floor. You never need a partner when you're participating in line dancing, and there's a long list of line dances and music to enjoy. Line dancing has remained popular over the years, and almost every night club today will sponsor this type of solo country dance at least occasionally. It's almost certain that a country dance club in your area will have a weekly routine of sponsoring line dances. Even popular dance clubs will usually have specific nights during the week that play country music and variations of country music to accommodate their occasional country-loving fans.

Crossing traditional lines..

Casual dance enthusiasts who don't regularly frequent traditional country bars can now expect to see typical dance clubs hosting line dancing events. And country music isn't the only music genre backing it up, there's others as well, such as pop, Irish and Latin music to name a few. Examples of line dancing styles include Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, Boot Scootin' Boogie, to name a few.

Private parties, weddings, schools, and other large functions hosted with a live DJ are also places where you can expect to see these types of choreographed dances. The history is a melting pot of various cultures coming together and bringing their ideas to form a new dance style, and it now uses more than just the "traditional" country music. In fact, as long as dancers can hear a song that gets them in the right rhythm, they can form multiple rows and dance in a line fashion to many different styles of music.

Partner up or solo..

Line dancing involves people dancing in a line to a repeated sequence of steps. The steps are the same for everyone, and there is no physical contact. If you are by yourself, get on the dance floor and just have fun. Most of the time you will not need a partner, however, if you do want a partner, this is a great chance for you to dance and meet new people at the same time. Often times, people will bring a partner and dance along side them, but only for reassurance.

The Saturday Night Date

The most common day for fun and activities is a Saturday. As far as dating, Saturday night could be considered the best day for planning a date because you have all day to prepare for night-time activities. Yes, that means brushing up on your dancing steps. Women especially can appreciate the extra time on Saturday to really get ready to meet up with their boyfriend, and take more time to dress up than they would on a weeknight. And since most businesses are closed on Sunday, there is no worry about waking up a little late the next morning.

Learning Progression

Once you join a group out on the dance floor, you can easily pick up the new steps for a variety of different line dances. There are some popular and easy beginner styles to consider, and once you start dancing, improvement comes quickly. Some line dances are not performed in a line, but in a circle. The general idea is that everyone dances in one group and the steps are repeated throughout the song.

There are often various class levels to consider, usually beginner and intermediate. Instructional classes might suggest that you bring a partner for encouragement. You'll always have fun line dancing, even if you're learning the steps for the first time. You'll be dancing while exercising and having lots of fun.


It's fun and easy for beginners to start learning line dancing from the very first lesson. Beginners will enjoy dancing to different types of musical rhythms that range from the 60's to the present day. Line dancing takes a little practice and anybody can do it because the steps are easy to learn. You can start off slow as a beginner and quickly get better with just a little effort.

"You can start by learning the routines that are most often requested. Once you join a group of dancers out on the dance floor, you can easily pick up new steps for a variety of different line dances."

Advanced Dancers

Don't worry, if you already know how to participate in line dancing, you can jump right into more energetic and sophisticated routines. Popular requests for line dancing activities are wedding receptions, invitation-only parties, company parties and other big gatherings with family, friends and co-workers. Yes, it's time to show off!

Lessons & Events

Most likely, there are various facilities located in your area that you can participate in line dancing. If you're a beginner and looking for line dancing lessons, you should look for either a dance club or dance studio that offers lessons in various forms of dance. Altogether, when you're dancing, you're exercising without really exercising,. you're really having fun and meeting people!


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