Jazz Ballet

Jazz and Ballet are popular types of dance. Both dance styles are fun to watch as they require the performing dancers to have balance and flexibility. There are many similarities as well as differences when comparing the two styles.


Balance and technique are the two common denominators of jazz and ballet. While Jazz dancers have more freedom, and ballet dancers practice more control movements, both forms require balance and control when spinning, jumping, landing, and fast moves. These techniques require both Jazz and ballet dancers to have superior balance while in the air, especially when landing after a spinning leap.

Ballet dancers often dance on their toes, stretched or arched. Jazz dancers, similarly, often perform kicks in the air, leaps and fast turns. Performing these steps require balance and form, as each spinning and leaping movement requires proper angles of the body.

Certain Jazz moves that are similar to ballet may have come from ballet routines, but both forms of dance have been influenced by each other over the years, as the conscious effort that is needed for both stem from their influences on each other. Even though ballet has existed much longer than Jazz, it is likewise influenced by jazz techniques, as seen in contemporary ballet with its wider range of movement and fluidity.

Practice is essential for jumps and turns where correct posture is essential to properly execute the moves, especially in Jazz. Center control is important, as the body's center is the focal point from which all movement begin. Both require dedication and practice, and require stretching in order to warm up the muscles and prevent injuries. Warm-up routines often consist of intense stretching in order to elongate the leg muscles, which not only loosens the leg muscel but also strengthens it. Practice and consistency make it possible to maintain balance while executing the powerful and difficult movements required in dance.

Our Ballet and Jazz program offers exceptional dance technique in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, modern, and other variations. All who are interested are welcome to come and be a part of the Dance Dome's Ballet and Jazz program. Our dance studio is specially designed for dance instruction and offers the perfect environment to set goals and learn with us.

Jazz Ballet

Over the years, a new dancing fusion that has combined the stiff techniques used in ballet with the fluidity of movement in jazz has become known as 'jazz ballet.' It's a combination of ballet moves joined with the modern spirit of jazz, making this style a more modern approach to both.

You will also experience the opportunity to perform at our scheduled events that we have throughout the year. So come out and join us here at the Dance Dome. We look forward to seeing you!

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