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Dance Lessons Florida

When you sign up for dance lessons at the Dance Dome, you'll be given a specific dance lesson assignment that directly corresponds with the dance style of your choice. Your instructor will show you the specific steps that are needed in order to effectively perform your dance style. No matter what your skill-level is, your instructor will bring you along slowly, making sure that you progress through your routine at an even pace. Your sense of balance and control is sure to increase, as well as your health and well-being.


We will help you to set a goal so that eventually you will learn the steps needed for effective movements on the dance floor. There are many forms of dance, and we want to teach you the unique style of your choice so you can express yourself and have fun on the dance floor. You can expect good things to happen as you eventually reach your goals.

Dance Styles

We have lessons for a wide range of dance styles:

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Great classes, great people, great atmosphere and great dance instruction - it's all here at the Dance Dome! Our beautiful studio is also available for Ballroom rental, photo shoots, rehearsals, video and movie productions, fairs, meetings, corporate events, wedding receptions and private functions.

To sign up for dance lessons, just call, or use our register-form and you're all set!

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