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Dance Lessons

Dance programs are specifically designed to promote interest by making a dance lesson fun. Additionally, instructors will teach and encourage through rhythem and music. The aim is to keep the student interested by teaching them the steps and to express themselves accordingly. By using various methods, students are encouraged to freely explore the world of dance.

Dance lessons can be given in private, group and event settings..

Many dance studios are set up with enough space to accommodate multiple dance classes. This allows for more than just one style of dance instruction to be taught. For example, disco dancing requires only a small area of space since the style mostly involves improvising with no more than about three steps in any direction. In contrast to various forms of ballroom dancing, which will require a wider area of space as the prescribed steps will take you from one area of the dance floor to another.

The Dance Floor

A dance studio normally includes a hard, smooth floor. In some cases however, dance floors vary from one studio to another depending on the studio's dance programs. Vinyl, laminate, engineered woods, and hardwoods are used to accommodate different styles of dance, especially since some dance studios need performance floors for specific dance venues and events. Many theaters will use a portable surface floor in order to adapt their stage surface for other dance agencies and freelance instructors who are renting their space for instruction, parties or dance shows.

Sprung Floors

In some cases, a dance floor is sprung, meaning the construction of the floor includes the installation of a shock absorption material such as foam or rubber. The material depends on the type of activity, as some dance movements resemble mostly aerobics, or a combination of dance and aerobics. Altogether, the idea of a sprung surface is to lessen the chance of injury by creating a degree of flexibility to absorb the impact of intensive movements, such as landing, jumping and falling.

Other Accommodations

Common features that you will see in a dance studio are a barre, which is usually fixed to a wall and intended mostly for support. Fitness studios built entirely around the barre will offer dance instruction that focuses on balance, such as ballet, as their main instruction. Gymnastics studios that also offer dance instruction will typically feature a portable standalone unit that are primarily used for gymnastics movements.


Music and dance go hand-in-hand, so nearly all dance studios have a sound system for playing music. Live music from solo musicians are sometimes used to accompany ballet and tap dance, as well as dance shows and parties.


In multi-purpose dance studios, walls are sometimes covered with mirrors so that dancers can see themselves and become aware of their body positions. Mirrors are at least 6-7 feet tall.

Signing up for dance lessons is easy, and once you're all signed up, you'll be given a specific dance lesson assignment that directly corresponds with the dance style of your choice. A dance instructor will show you the specific steps that are needed in order to effectively perform your dance style. Depending on your skill-level, your instructor will bring you along slowly, making sure that you progress through your routine at an even pace. Your sense of balance and control is sure to increase, as well as your health and well-being.


A dance instructor will help you to set a goal so that eventually you will learn the steps needed for effective movements on the dance floor. There are many forms of dance, and a good dance studio should encourage you to pursue the unique style of your choice. At the same time, you should be encouraged to express yourself while having fun dancing and learning. You should expect good things to happen as you eventually reach your goals.

Dance Styles

Many accomplished dance studios will offer lessons for a wide range of dance styles:


Some studios are orientated toward other forms of activities that center on fitness.

Folk Dancing

Yes, Florida's State Dance is the Square Dance, so you can bet there is no shrtage of dance halls that are up to the instructional task. Chances are that there are available classes within a short driving distance with classes ranging from traditional Folk dancing to Florida's own version of international folk dancing. Click here for a list of places to learn the art of Folk Dance.

It's time to have fun!

Yes, instruction doesn't have to be all about learning, it can also involve great people in a great atmosphere. A well-rounded studio will offer you a chance to participate in events, parties and competitions. Regardless of your dance goals, there is most likely a dance studio in your area that will offer instruction for your favorite dance style.


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