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May 30th, 2019

Hip Hop Dance Lessons in Florida

Hip Hop Dance Lessons in Florida

Hip Hop is a style of dance that was developed around street dancing and popular music of the early 80's. The term "Hip Hop" became a phrase that was used interchangeably between a type of music genre and the act of dancing. Together, Hip Hop was born and created a legitimate routine of dance and music improvisation.

A decade of subgenres..

The music industry was poised for the emergence of a musical style that seemed to support the music industry, keeping it alive and adding a new musical outlet for those who needed inspiration for movement. Yes, the 80's was a decade when musical artists were making music that encouraged young people to express themselves through very unique body movements, and not only on the dance floor, but in the parks, schools and streets. The perfect blend of music and energy it created began the golden age of Hip Hop, heavily influencing radio, MTV and some Hollywood movies.

Achieving higher levels of expression..

America is the music capital of the world, and with every decade comes the demand for something different. The 80's was certainly no exception, as innovative artists were giving young people exactly what they needed at that time. Young artists were expressing themselves in a way that no other generation had done before, and the streets are where it all seemed to happen this time around. The perfect mix of music and energy were fused at exactly the perfect time in music history, giving young dancers a pathway to a new hobby, and for some, a new lifestyle. Yes, Hip Hop provided a new way of achieving higher levels of expression and entertainment.

Hip Hop is a way to achieve the following:

There are several techniques to consider, and they really depend on what the beginning hip-hopper desires - improvisational, free styling or choreography. Music that ranges from Rap to oldies will enhance the mood of the dancer and help to express creativity and individuality.


Hip Hop is popular for ages between 18 and 34, but there's no standard age restriction. Dancers should probably learn choreography first, then progress into freestyle forms, but it's really up to the dancer and instructor. Hip Hop programs can start for ages as early as 4.

Hip Hop has changed over the years, and since the early 80's it has gone through some evolutionary cycles. The style may not be as popular as it was decades ago, but it's still alive in private dance events and taught in instructional studios.

The Hip Hop style is mostly about free-styling and improvisation. It's a style that you'll have fun practicing, as the Hip Hop style is for most everyone. There are a variety of Hip Hop lessons for those who are creative and full of energy, so find a local dance studio and consider Hip Hop as your first class lesson. Most dance studios will give the first lesson for free.

"Bust a Move!"


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