Steve Wilkie

Steve Wilkie

Steve Wilkie has been teaching Ballroom Dance for 23 years. He is currently the Founder/Director of Second Life Animal Sanctuaries. His titles include:

Dance Instructor Steve Wilkie is a celebrated dancer and instructor who has been teaching dance for over two decades. He has three national championships under his belt. Wilkie is the owner of the Fred Astaire studio in Fort Myers and is ranked No. 2 in the country.

"Dancing is not just for the coordinated athletic types either. Anyone could learn how to dance if they know how to move forward and back."

Some of Wilkie's students have won top awards as well, including Top Youth and Top Overall Male.

Steve donates his time to the community by mentoring Florida youth and has helped to raise funds for the Fort Pierce Police Athletic Leauge (PAL). He is the Founder/Director of Second Life Animal Sanctuaries. Wilkie offers beginner dance lessons at his Fort Myers studio for $20. This includes a private lesson and dance class. For more information, call 939-1517.

Happy to Announce Steve Wilkie is back to teaching at Jensen Beach Ballroom! He had a full recovery after his knee injury and will be once again be teaching group classes with Slavojka beginning this week! He will also be hosting again all Friday night dances and most Saturdays! Plan on exciting new events and workshops as Steve teams up with Pavlo in just a few weeks!

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