Welcome to The Dance Dome

The Dance Dome is finally open!..

Yes, the Dance Dome is open for business, and we're excited to offer our dance instruction programs for kids, teens and adults. Our qualified, experienced and professional staff is trained in the latest dance techniques, as well as traditional techniques, that are very important factors in the progress and success of any beginning or experienced dancer.

Dance Instruction Florida

The Dance Dome welcomes dance enthusiasts of all levels, ages and backgrounds. We are excited to open our doors for the first time to all who want to learn to dance with creativity, fun and passion. We invite young kids, students and experienced dancers to come join us here at the Dance Dome in Florida.


You can feel confident that our instructors will provide expert guidance during your dance class session. You'll benefit from their extensive experience in performing arts as well as the dance industry in general. During your class session, they will help you to progress and become familiar with dance steps through closely guided practice and exercise. Our instructors will make sure you get started slowly and in a safe and professional way that will ensure improvement. Whether you're a novice or accomplished dancer, our instructors will work with you to provide a class program that will fit your specific needs.

Fitness Programs

Get into shape and have fun meeting others! Our dance fitness workouts are based on rhythms of Latin and ballroom dancing. Our fitness classes also include music.

Competition & Performances

Get trained to compete or perform with the Dance Dome. Performing and expressing yourself is the best way to boost self-esteem and overcome fears. Dancing instruction for kids helps to builds self-esteem and confidence. It teaches them how to socialize in a teamwork environment. It also promotes self-discipline and responsibility, as it increases concentration skills. Learning to dance at the Dance Dome has benefits for everybody that will last a lifetime. It you are looking to develop your motor skills and coordination, come join us here at the Dance Dome. We look forward to seeing you!

Event Planning

Plan your next event at the Dance Dome. We have adequate floor space and all the amenities needed to accommodate your specific event. Whether it's a birthday party, wedding reception, company meeting or other, our facility will meet your needs. The Dance Dome is committed to fulfilling each client's vision by providing tables, chairs, audio/visual, kitchen and overall quality service. We want you to have a memorable experience at the Dance Dome facility and make your dreams become a reality!

2819 SW 42nd Ave.
Palm City
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