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Our dance schedule is open to anyone who is interested in learning variations of dance in Palm City, Florida. Lessons provide a social interaction as well as supervised guidance by our instructors. This structure allows a faster leaning experience for different variations of dance and fitness. It is recommended that you sign up for the full length of your particular class schedule to ensure progressive learning. However, people from 'out-of-town' and 'drop-ins' from other areas are welcomed too. You can choose to pay per class (only fitness) or purchase a volume package.

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Our dance classes require you to be fully present, ready, open, and in the moment. We provide a well rounded dance schedule to make sure that all aspects of your prefered Dance style are covered from posture and etiquette to floor navigation. In the beginning, students learn basic techniques, fundamentals, posture, syllabus and partner communication. In the Intermediate class, students learn more expanded concepts and variations, floor craft and nuance of communication between partners.

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